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Community Stars FAQS  

  1. Background  
  • What is a Community Star?  

A Community Star is part of an exclusive group of our most passionate customers who applied for a volunteer role and have been accepted to connect on an exclusive community of chefs, foodies and enthusiasts.  

At present, we have carefully selected more than 119 volunteers from 4 different countries and regularly invite them to get involved in different activities from testing, reviewing and creating recipes. Each activity is completely voluntarily and on a free basis. There is no opportunity to earn an income from this Community Star role but there is lots of great activities to participate in, develop your cooking skills and have the opportunity to increase your social presence across Thermomix® official social media and websites.  

If you are keen to earn an extra income, please visit our Advisor application page 

  • What activities can Community Star participate in? 

We will offer our stars a wide mix of activities to meet all their different needs.  

These include: 

  • Trying new and exclusive products, services, recipes and features 
  • Attending specialist training to develop your recipe and culinary skills 
  • Participating in challenges to create and share your recipes  
  • Test and review new products and features 
  • Provide feedback and opinions on existing products and features 
  • Creating new recipes for special projects such as TM Community Stars collections   
  • What is the criteria for becoming a Community Star? 

We are looking for our most passionate customers who want to grow, develop skills and new products together with us. Our most passionate customers are often those are who are personally active in recipe community or social channels and are enthusiastic to work with Thermomix®. Perhaps, creating or sharing recipes, reviews of products or recipes and helping other customers out.  

  • Will I get paid for any support? 

There is no option to earn an income from being a star. The role is 100% volunteer-based and there is no remuneration or specific rewards.  All the activities you will be invited for will involve you self-nominating for them. There are lots of benefits for being involved with the program, exclusive access to new products, content and services, training and support to enhance your cooking skills and brand promoting your activities., be part of special social media activities such has contests, exclusive articles on blogs etc  

  • Can I work with other brands too? 

Thermomix® do not encourage Community Stars to work with other companies promoting other products.   

Thermomix® do ask that when a Community Star partners or promotes competitor products, the star must never mention or connect that promotion to their role as a Community Star. They should always be completely separated.   

  • I am a blogger and I have a big reach. I earn money with collaborating with other companies,  but I also want to be a CS, can I do this? 

Thermomix® do not encourage Community Stars to work with other companies promoting other products.   

Thermomix® do ask that when a Community Star partners or promotes competitor products, the star must never mention or connect that promotion to their role as a Community Star. They should always be completely separated.  

If a Community Star wants to promote any unofficial merchandise like cookbooks, magazines and accessories you must mention that these products are unofficial and not approved by Thermomix®.     

  • How will my recipe and photo content be used? 

We will invite you periodically to provide recipes, photos and feedback. Each time, it is all voluntary and it be confirmed where your input might be used on.  

For example, if its photos of your cooking results, we will ask if you provide an image, we could share it on our social challenges.  

If we ask for a recipe, we will ask if we can use it in magazine or collection 

Or if we are asking you for feedback or to review, we will ask if we can use your words in customer care support. 

We will always be transparent with how we are using your content.  

 2. Application Process  

  • Can I become an Advisor while being a Community Star?  

Community Stars Program is only for Customers. We prefer you focus on either being an Advisor or a Community Star because they are different roles with different opportunities. It could be confusing for all if you combine. 

  • How long does it take to get response if I have been accepted to CS? 

Be patient if we don’t get back to you immediately. We are selecting new Community Stars very carefully and it might take time! Our Community Manager is going to contact you, if you will be suitable.   

  • If I am accepted, what happens next? 

If you are accepted into the program, you will be contacted by our community champion who runs the program in your country. They will send you more information and invite you for an introductory call to find out more about each other and the program. After this, you will be invited to visit a special platform and meet other stars.  

  • Why has my application has not been accepted? 

If you have not been accepted on the program, there could be a number of reasons. It could be because we have: 

  • Other applicants with a stronger application form including more evidence of 
  • Helping other customers in recipe community or social channels 
  • Providing quality recipes and photos of their cooking experience with Thermomix 
  • They are not involved with other 3rd parties or competitors  
  • What if my application has been rejected? Can I apply again?  

If we make the decision that you are unsuccessful to become a Community Star at this time, we ask you to wait at least 12 months before applying again. We appreciate your disappointment and hope you will continue to enjoy and explore cooking with your Thermomix®. We will always appreciate any help you can provide by sharing recipes, helping in the forums or on social media.  

After a successful application  

  • How much activity is expected from a Community Star?  

There will be regular opportunities to get involved in different activities from recipe challenges, photo competitions and testing and providing feedback. We would be looking forward regular contributions, but we don’t expect you to be participate in everything and understand if at times you can’t contribute. We would love every month, you respond, comment or participate in something. If you find at any time you no longer wish to continue your role as a Community Star, we will always understand.   

  • How can I share that I'm a Community Star? 

Once you have been confirmed as Community Star you can share your new status on your social channels.  We will provide you some digital assets and guidance to help.  

  • Can I make interviews about the program to a blog/magazine? 

You can speak to anyone about role as Community Star but you can’t communicate what you are involved with.  You will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement and that way we can share new and exciting news with you before anyone else.   

  • Can I earn money as influencer while being member of the program? 

As talented stars, there might be an occasion where you are invited to cooperate with other brands, products and services. We really feel that being a star is special privilege, by having access to exclusive news, products and services first and should be respected and not conducted in combination paid influencing work. 

It is your choice to stay being a part of the star program and you are welcome to leave at any time. All we ask is if you would let us know as and when you do get involved with other parties so we can cease your involvement.   

  • Can I share Community Stars activity out of the group? 

You can share your experience of cooking with Thermomix® if it is currently in the public domain but you if you are trying, testing, contributing or developing new or existing products, features and services we would ask you to keep it private until it is made public.