Terms and Condition

Terms and condition



  1. The Thermomix® Community Star program for the UK and Ireland was launched in 2019 with the desire to involve and unite the most passionate followers of Thermomix® and cooking with Thermomix®. Being a Thermomix® Community Star is a privilege: there are only a few people selected every month.
  2. As a Community Star you will be able to:
  • talk about Thermomix® on social media, support the brand, participate in our initiatives (such as social relays, eshop promotional campaigns, etc.);
  • you can support the community on the channels in which you are most present and provide your followers with information about Thermomix®, if requested, directing them to the official Vorwerk channels where you can enjoy visibility through dedicated posts on Facebook and regrams on Instagram;
  • you can receive and test free products (such as merchandising items) and talk about it on your social media profiles once officially launched in official channels;
  • at your leisure, you can create recipes to be submitted to the developers Vorwerk Thermomix® recipes to create collections or to be used on official social channels and newsletters;
  • at your leisure, you can write texts and/or kitchen/lifestyle-themed articles that can be published on our official Thermomix® website and social channels;
  • you can participate in confidential and exclusive events online (call, webinar) and offline (on-site events/other events)
  • you can collaborate with brands that produce ingredients (without prejudice to Thermomix®'s direct association with the particular brand), participate in contests of recipes called by non-competing third parties in Thermomix® and/or Vorwerk (whether or not they involve the use of Thermomix®);
  • you can participate in special projects created by brands NOT competing with Thermomix® and/or Vorwerk (such as a brand that creates a competition/program/social activities), after sharing and discussing with the Team that manages the Thermomix® Community Star project through the email address above to evaluate what the implication is in the use and /or promotion of Thermomix®;
  • by joining the program you undertake not to participate in third-party editorial products, i.e. to create recipes and/or content for recipe books, recipe collections, posts that collect recipes, magazines, sites, product platforms or editorial content competing with Thermomix® and Vorwerk.
  1. The role of Thermomix® Community Star does not give rise to any professional relationship. Each activity carried out by them is intended to be carried out on a completely voluntary and free basis; each participant in the program will be able to abandon it at any time just as Vorwerk UK & IRE will be free to arrange the rotation of some Thermomix® Community Stars to others even just to guarantee, through the replacement of the participants, the novelty and originality of the contents of the program;
  2. Vorwerk UK & IRE may also reduce the number of participants in the program or cancel it at any time, without the need for motivation or notice.
  3. No minimum number of daily/weekly/monthly posts is required; however, the continued non-contribution to the program may result in the exclusion of a Thermomix® Community Star from the program.
  4. Every piece of content prepared and everywhere posted as part of its role as Thermomix® Community Star must respect the Vorwerk and Thermomix® brands, and be characterised by tones and expressions in line with the basic rules of education in the use of social networks, on pain of departure from the program.
  5. Every content prepared and everywhere posted by a Thermomix® Community Star is understood by this guarantee as to the originality and free availability of the same to publish and use for the purposes of the program. The Thermomix® Community Star guarantees this originality, taking charge of any dispute that should be made by third parties who claim in whole or in part the authorship or ownership of the related rights.
  6. With the publication by the Thermomix® Community Star of the content prepared by it, Vorwerk UK & IRE acquires the right to use the latter, directly or also through other companies of the Vorwerk Group, for any purpose, including commercial, in the United Kingdom and Ireland or abroad, without deriving any right to remuneration or compensation of any kind in favor of the Thermomix® Community Star itself, which will retain the only right to be qualified by the author.